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Cedar Fort residents work together in cemetery
CEDAR FORT -- Equipped with tape measures, clipboards and work gloves, between 40 and 50 volunteers worked together Saturday, September 10, to map features and install road borders in the Cedar Fort Cemetery. Beginning at 6:30 a.m., Harry Draper cooked a hearty pancake-and-eggs breakfast for the early risers. Vickie Draper, president of the Sons and Daughters of Cedar Valley history preservation society, organized the mapping teams who then walked through the cemetery measuring and recordin
More restrictions on students parking around high school
AMERICAN FORK —The city council has expanded residential parking permit areas around American Fork High School that are regulated by the city. At an August 8 city council meeting, several residents complained of problems with students parking. One resident had a preschool and was concerned about the safety of her students because she had "continuous" problems with people parking in front of her home and business. Mel Radmall said that the police department had been inconsistent in regulating
Bookmobile program ends in Cedar Hills
CEDAR HILLS — Local readers will no longer have access to the bookmobile after Utah County informed city officials it would no longer help fund the bookmobile program without the city's help. The county worked up some figures and proposed that Cedar Hills pay $5,616 for the service which had previously been provided for free. In the past, the bookmobile stopped at the roundabout near Walmart from 1 to 3 p.m. every other Monday. According to county figures, from June 2016 to May 2017 there wer
Living with less, is more
Living a simplified life with less clutter and complication is simple and freeing! However, if you've been living with clutter and chaos it might be a little tricky and overwhelming when you think about simplifying. Let me help you through this with as little pain as possible and a whole lot of gain. First, start slow with little to no commitment right away. Pick a spot to simplify in your home, office or car. Pick out the items you really don't think you need and place them in a box and set
Council favors continuation of urban deer control program
HIGHLAND — In August, the city council discussed the city's urban deer control program. City Recorder Jody Bates gave them background on the issue: In 2012 the city worked with the Division of Wildlife Resources on a pilot program to address the deer problem in the city. Later in 2015, it was made an official program and city officials signed up for an additional three years. Bates brought the subject before the council to see if they wished to sign up again. The council appeared supportive o
Hurricane Harvey hero has local connection
CEDAR FORT -- Linda Metcalf, local Cedar Fort resident, is doing more than just watching the Weather Channel's constant coverage of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston and surrounding areas. She's cheering on, from a distance, her nephew, Ken Barrow. Ken Barrow is an attorney who lives in the town of First Colony in the Houston area. He owns an 18-foot airboat that has become his key piece of equipment for doing what he loves: helping rescue people from natural disasters, sp
Cedar Hills approves budget
CEDAR HILLS — The city council recently approved the 2017-2018 budget. General Fund Where does the revenue come from? $ Taxes 2,520,106 Licenses & Permits 94,000 Intergovernmental 381,100 Services 736,300 Recreation & Cultural 419,000 Misc. Revenue 45,500 Where does the money go? $ Personnel 1,025,270 Operations 232,000 Public Safety 1,164,931 Other Contracted Services 232, 000 What's New? Passport services is a new revenue source for the city. The Assistant City Ma
American Fork regulates porta potties
AMERICAN FORK — City officials have approved a watershed ordinance they say gives the city the ability to oversee its watershed to protect the city's water supply. Individuals using portable toilets, vault privies, septic tanks, leach fields or animal enclosures for construction or recreational activities are now required to obtain an American Fork watershed protection permit in addition to a Utah County Health Department permit. A copy of the latter must be presented when applying for the ci
Golden Eagle Released in EM
EAGLE MOUNTAIN -- Second Chance, a wildlife rescue, that specializes in birds of prey, released a Golden Eagle back into the wild in the Eagle Mountain Area on September 5th. Debbie Souza-Pappas, founder and director of Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation of Price Utah, said that the total cost was around $500 for medical supplies and food to rehabilitate the Golden Eagle. But, if you take into consideration the time spent, the total cost would be closer to $5,500 for rehabilitation. Thi
Alpine Cemetery to be gated
ALPINE — After problems at the Alpine City Cemetery, city officials have decided to install electronic gates. City Manager Shane Sorenson has been getting bids and talking to providers. Mayor Sheldon Wimmer said there have been instances of drugs being sold in the cemetery. "Those burial plots are sacred ground and there shouldn't be activity after dark," he said. City council member Ramon Beck who lives next to the cemetery said he has seen all kinds of late-night activity there including


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