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Sunset Flats adds 384 homes in City Center
On January 2, 2018, the Eagle Mountain City Council approved the Sunset Flats subdivision. Shortly after Mayor Tom Westmoreland, council member Donna Burnham and council member Melissa Clark were sworn in, they voted on the proposed Sunset Flats Master Development Plan (MDP) and Master Development Agreement (MDA). The ordinance and resolution passed with a 5-0 vote. The plan was originally brought before the city council on September 5, 2017. At that point, the city council voted against the
Saratoga Springs Library offers many programs for all ages
Almost seven years ago, the Saratoga Springs library opened with only 13,000 items for residents to check out. Since then, the city has seen much growth and so has the library. "We are so excited about the growth in our city, and we're constantly trying to adjust and provide better resources for our residents," said Sarah DeLong, Library Clerk. "Our program attendance has grown with our population, and we now are offering more kinds of programs than ever before. The library tries to balance t
High School Events
No School: Presidents' Day - February 19 American Fork High Home Events Winter Play - February 8-13 Basketball, Both - February 9 vs. Lone Peak at 3:00 Basketball, Girls - February 13 vs. Bingham at 7:00 Parent/Teacher Conference - February 15 at 3:00 Basketball, Boys - February 20 vs. Pleasant Grove at 7:00 Winter Guard Show - March 3 at 10:00 am Lehi High Home Events School Play - February 5, 6, 8, & 9 at 7:00 Basketball, Boys - February 6 vs. Salem Hills at 7:00 Basketball, Bo
Highland plans for future of gravel pit
HIGHLAND — The city is in the process of forming an ad hoc committee to study the effects of the closure of the gravel pit currently being operated by Kilgore at the mouth of American Fork Canyon at 4600 West and Timpanogos Highway. The pit is nearing the end of its life cycle and is expected to close in seven to 10 years. Currently, Highland City owns about 11 acres of the total property. The ad hoc committee would study both the city property and the total property in terms of land use, tra
Middle School Events
No School: Presidents' Day - February 19 American Fork Jr. High Events Parent//Teacher Conference - February 13 at 3:30 Frontier Middle Events Parent/Teacher Conference - February 13 at 3:30 Lehi Jr. High Events School Play - February 5 at 7:00 Parent/Teacher Conference - February 13 at 3:30 Grand Concert - March 1 at 7:00 Timberline Middle Events Parent/Teacher Conference - February 13 at 4:00 Vista Heights Middle Events Parent/Teacher Conference - February 13 at 3:30 Hi
Lehi and Saratoga Springs agree on annexations
Lehi and Saratoga Springs cities have worked out their differences over a boundary dispute. In recent months, a number of annexation petitions (Perelle Meadows Annexation, Johansen Annexation, Webb Annexation and McLachlan Annexation) were filed by property owners between the eastern boundary of Saratoga Springs and the western boundary of Lehi. Lehi City filed protests with the Utah County Boundary Commission opposing those annexations but, last September, the boundary commission rejected
See Titanoboa exhibit before it slithers away
Come see for yourself a life-size model of the biggest snake ever discovered, the Titanoboa, now through March 17 at the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum on Brigham Young University's campus. At this Smithsonian traveling exhibit you can learn interesting facts about the Titanoboa, watch videos, touch snakeskin, pet a live snake on the hands-on cart, compare it to modern-day snakes, participate in a selfie booth, and see a vertebra replica of this monster snake. The Titanoboa was discover
Upcoming Legislative Session
As we prepare to enter another legislative session, I want to make sure everyone in our area knows how to contact me on issues that are important to you. My email address is and my cell phone is (385) 250-6738. I will also communicate throughout the session through my Facebook page "Representative Jefferson Moss" and my Twitter "@jeffersonmoss" where I will be posting updates and videos. I will also be sending out an email with updates every week. Please let me know if
Fairfield plans to increase water fees
FAIRFIELD — At their December 17 meeting, town council members discussed increasing the monthly water bill by $6 with another 89 cents for data usage for the new cellular meters. This increase will take place when the new meters are all up and running. They also met with members of the planning commission to discuss several of the town's ordinances. Light Industrial Zone Planning Commission Chair Daymon Stephens explained that some changes needed to be made to the light industrial zone.
Hale Centre Theatre opens new year with comedy, Cash on Delivery!
If you want to sit back, relax (well, kind of) and enjoy a night full of laughter, go see Hale Centre Theatre's production of "Cash on Delivery!" on the Sorenson Legacy Jewel Box Stage now through March 17. At first, the storyline is very simple ... Eric Swann, one of the main characters, was laid off two years ago from work, but never told his wife. So how does he still make money? He has been fooling the British welfare system by claiming that multiple tenants in his apartment complex have


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