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Utah County trying to combat poverty
Utah County is in the process of trying to curb the type of poverty that spans generations. As of this moment, 4 percent of kids in Utah County are living in intergenerational poverty. Intergenerational poverty is measured by enrollment in public assistance programs such as food stamps, child care subsidies, cash assistance programs and Medicaid. With one out of four at risk of remaining in poverty as adults, (statistics from the Utah Department of Workforce Services), intergenerational poverty
22 things to hose off on the lawn
There are some things in your house that are cumbersome to clean, and there are some things in your house that are too disgusting to get your hands into to clean. However, when the weather is nice and your grass is warm, you're in luck because there are a ton of things that you can clean out on your front lawn with a hose and a scrub brush. It's a great job for kids to do too! Here are some ideas: 1. Garbage cans (indoor and outdoor) 2. Highchairs 3. Shower curtains 4. Plastic toy bins 5.
Point of the Mountain: Looking to the Future
The location along Interstate15 where it passes between Utah and Salt Lake Counties has been a significant geographical landmark for those who have lived and traveled in Utah over the years. This pass along Traverse Mountain has for years been colloquially referred to as "The Point of the Mountain" by long-time Northern Utah residents who have traveled between the two counties. The splendid views of both Utah and Salt Lake Counties from atop Traverse Mountain has inspired residential growth duri
Two professional actors join cast of 'My Fair Lady' at the SCERA
Two local professional actors, Marvin Payne and Mindy Smoot Robbins, have joined the cast of "My Fair Lady" at the SCERA in Orem for a "loverly" show now in production throughMay 6. The two actors are playing the lead roles of Professor Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle. Marvin Payne brings to the stage decades of theatrical experience. He is a professional actor, writer, songwriter, recording artist and singer. He has performed in everything from Shakespeare to "Phantom" but will probably be
Mud roads cause strife in Eagle Mountain
Eagle Mountain City has policies in place that require developers to put in roads to the developments they are creating before it issues building permits for the subdivisions that are supposed to be accessed using those roads. In general, the roads are required to be paved and meet all the city requirements. But there have been several times in the past when these requirements have not been met, were not required at the time or have been waived for various reasons. When the developer is not resp
The Good Life: Accept your quirks
Do you ever wonder? I really mean that you ponder about all the different quirks there are. The definition of quirk: A peculiar behavior or action or personality or mannerism. Everyone has different mannerisms. I have, you have, we all do. Maybe I am just the only person that is crazy! It is true, I have had brain surgery and have had some matter removed from the old noggin. I have a couple of quirks that I will convey. So hold on and enjoy the "good life."  I always wonder why my nose drips an
The Crust Club providing pies for dinner and dessert
The Crust Club was created by Valerie Kukahiko. Valerie has a passion for making food and had her own recipe blogs for many years before starting The Crust Club in February of 2016 in her house. It quickly grew, and in November 2016 it was moved to a shop located in Pleasant Grove. The Crust Club is a "take and bake" for pies. They do dinner, dessert and mini pies. The dinner pies come with the inside already pre-cooked, so all you have to do is pop it in the oven to warm it up and bake the cru
Take decluttering in steps for success
We have had a crazy winter that seems to not be going away. Having spent the last few months mostly inside with my kids, everything we own has me ready to live the minimalist lifestyle. I wish I could just get rid of it all and start over. But, since that's not actually an option, I'll stick with decluttering. I don't often have a lot of time to spend on deep cleaning because my kids are young enough that they are still pretty needy and I work full-time. In any case, I have my work cut out for
Cedar Hills council receives audit report
Auditor Steven Rowley of Keddington & Christensen, LLC, recently reported to the Cedar Hills City Council that his firm had not encountered any significant difficulties or uncorrected misstatements with the city's annual audit. As part of the audit process, the auditing firm is required by law to check the city's compliance with state statutes. They found one instance where city council minutes were not uploaded to the Utah PMN website within three days of approval, a requirement of the Open an
Eagle Mountain growth brings benefits, challenges
One of the best indicators of city growth is development. Eagle Mountain has seen an increase in growth over the last six years. Since 2006, the city has issued a total of 6,618 building permits. The Eagle Mountain building department has also been busy doing more than 27,000 inspections since 2010. Stephanie Gricius, a member of the Eagle Mountain City Council, said, "We've been running as fast as our feet will carry us for years, but now we're to the point of re-evaluating our options as ou


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