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No more motorized vehicles in Lambert Park

By Linda Petersen
ALPINE The city council has voted to close Lambert Park to motorized vehicles permanently.

On April 24, in a 3-2 vote, the city council voted to close the park to motorized vehicles except for service vehicles, emergency access and allowing public motorized access on improved roads to the Bowery and Rodeo Grounds.

Last July the city council banned motorized vehicles in the park for six months after it was determined that a fire in a wilderness area had been caused by target shooters who probably accessed the property on ATVs or other motorized vehicles through the park.

In January the city council considered lifting the ban but after hearing that motorized vehicles were causing damage to the park decided to leave it in place while they came up with a long-range plan for the park.
Since then the city council has studied the issue and various options related to it extensively and has held at least two public hearings. At those hearings, the majority of people who spoke wanted motorized vehicles permanently prohibited in the park.

At the April 24 public hearing, Mayor Troy Stout said during the two-week period in January when the ban was not in effect, garbage that was cleaned up in July reappeared.

Of the people who spoke, 10 supported a ban on motorized vehicles while three did not.

Councilmember Kimberly Bryant said she had been strongly opposed to banning motorized vehicles in the park but had changed her mind after seeing the damage those vehicles were causing in the park.

She said that only because Lambert Park was so dear to her heart could she make the decision to ban motorized vehicles.
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