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No surprises in Highland mid-year budget adjustments

By Linda Petersen
HIGHLAND The city council recently approved some mid-year adjustments to the budget.

The General Fund Revenue Budget was increased from $8.98 million to $9.16 million, an increase of $180,000.

The budget's carryover funds were increased by $280,000 for the purchase of two new snow plows.

Cemetery lot sales revenue of $100,000 was removed from the General Fund and put in the new Cemetery Perpetual Fund.

Adjustments were also made to the new road fee enterprise fund since the budget was formally approved before the road fee was instituted. The estimated revenue from the fee for this year is $915,000 and the estimated road fee project expenses to be completed are $700,000.

An increase of $15,300 in the Regarding Enterprise Funds there is an increase in the Sewer Fund Salary Expense for the payout of an employee retiring from the city was also approved.

State statute requires that cities amend their budgets to appropriate or account for funds for increased/decreased expenditures. While budget adjustments are made throughout the year, most cities formally present updated information to their councils in November or December.
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