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Point of the Mountain: Looking to the Future

By Matthew Gary Milam
The location along Interstate15 where it passes between Utah and Salt Lake Counties has been a significant geographical landmark for those who have lived and traveled in Utah over the years. This pass along Traverse Mountain has for years been colloquially referred to as "The Point of the Mountain" by long-time Northern Utah residents who have traveled between the two counties. The splendid views of both Utah and Salt Lake Counties from atop Traverse Mountain has inspired residential growth during recent years.
The Point of the Mountain first started to become more than just a point of geographical interest when in 1995 Alan and Karen Ashton founded the prominent Thanksgiving Point. Alan Ashton, co-founder of WordPerfect, which was later sold to Novell, gifted to his wife a large area of farmland near the Point of the Mountain on Valentine's Day in 1995. There, they planned to build a community garden and "farm experience." The name, Thanksgiving Point, was chosen to express gratitude.
Since that time, Lehi has exploded not only in residential development, but also in commercial development, sharing this trend along with their fast-growing neighbors, Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain. A billboard has recently sprung up along the southbound lane of Interstate 15, welcoming visitors to the "Silicon Slopes," a reference that combines the explosive growth of the tech industry in Lehi and Northern Utah's famous ski-able mountains. Companies like Adobe, Vivint Solar, and have taken up residence in Lehi's booming Point of the Mountain area, and more and more companies are looking to make moves to Lehi in the future.
One retail company, Cabelas, landed on Traverse Mountain in 2005 and has greatly contributed to the growth of the Point of the Mountain. Along with the outdoor superstore came the Traverse Mountain retail outlet stores and a variety of restaurants and other venues. The northern Lehi area is fast becoming a dining destination for many in the areas surrounding Point of the Mountain.
Currently, with so much growth already, Lehi City is yet looking to the future. Lehi City is quite interested in involving its residents in the planning of this future. The Point of the Mountain Development Commission is seeking public input through two workshops held February 15 and 16. Those residents interested in the future development of Point of the Mountain can also visit
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