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Question and answer with Alpine City candidates

By Mike Kieffer
The Crossroads Journal recently gave Alpine City mayoral and city council candidates the chance to respond to questions of high interest to city residents. Sixteen questions were sent to each of the candidates in the municipal elections that The Crossroads Journal covers. These candidates were given the opportunity to answer questions on a wide range of topics including; roads, development, family life, open space, schools and why they are running for office. 

Participation in the survey was voluntary, not all candidates responded, and not all questions were answered by those that responded. Four of the sixteen questions were then randomly selected for each city to be published. The candidates did not know which questions were going to be selected for their city for publication. The candidates answers to each question are listed in random order following the questions.

Question: What changes do you feel should be made to your cities master/general plan?

Sheldon G Wimmer - Candidate Apline City Mayor
"Our updated master plan is under way and near completion. I have attended the planning sessions and feel that sound decisions have been made by applying thought and deliberation to this important document."

Rob Schoen - Candidate Apline City Mayor
"We need to address what acreage is still left to be developed and determine what this means in terms of growth of number of new residents, city streets, water usage, etc., then change the plan to better suit this growth and how to fix the problems we have currently while still addressing future needs that will come from this growth."

Question: Why have you chosen Alpine City as your place of residence?

Rob Schoen - Candidate Apline City Mayor
"We choose Alpine because of the schools and the sports programs and the people who participate in each of these programs. We love living here and are here for the long haul."

Sheldon G Wimmer - Candidate Apline City Mayor
"Why would anybody live in anywhere else? The mountains, rivers and scenery are exceptional. It is the land of my ancestors and family. I love Alpine. "

Question: Can you give me a brief description of your family, and what it means to you?

Rob Schoen - Candidate Apline City Mayor
"I have 6 kids. 4 boys and 2 girls. Our family goes boy-girl-boy-girl- then twin boys. Our oldest 2 are married and we have 1 grand-daughter. Family is everything to me and my wife. This is what motivates us to work hard and be involved with the community and our church."

Sheldon G Wimmer - Candidate Apline City Mayor
"My wife Mary and I have been married for 48 years. We raised our four sons in Alpine. Our family is foremost in all that we do and hope for. The Alpine where our family grew was bountiful in opportunities for outdoor activities and interaction with neighbors who cared about our well-being as we did for theirs. "

Question: What are your views on property rights, and how do you plan on balancing the property rights of current residents with the property rights of prospective developers?

Sheldon G Wimmer - Candidate Apline City Mayor
"When city ordinances are followed and adhered to, the rights of residents and land owners are considered and honored. I believe that ordinances apply to all citizens, residents and developers alike."
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