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Shon Reed is for the Birds

By Michael Young
For local resident Shon Reed, everything is for the birds. This bird hobbyist and photographer from American Fork has made Eagle Mountain his focus for the last eight years. His work centers on conservation of bird habits and taking pictures of them.
Currently, he is coordinating the Kestrel Nest Project in Eagle Mountain. A kestrel is a small kind of falcon that typically hover over the countryside and suddenly swoop down to attach prey such as small rodents. As part of this project, he has a group that has installed 15 nest boxes for the American Kestrel in the Eagle Mountain area in partnership with Eagle Mountain City and Rocky Mountain Power, who have donated the poles, other equipment, and labor.
His team consists of approximately 30 local volunteers that help monitor the nest sites over the summer and provide data to HawkWatch International as a part of their ongoing study of Kestrels. These kinds of projects are vital to helping birds such as Kestrels maintain their population as cities grow. He plans to get up to 24 Kestrel boxes in town as an example to others cities about how such projects can be successful.
He maintains an active Instagram account under username shon_reed, where you can see stunning examples of his bird and landscape photography.
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