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The Good Life: Enjoy spring while it's here

By Sterling Parker
Oh what a welcome relief, spring has finally arrived. No, it didn't arrive on March 20 when it was supposed to. However, after five weeks of extended winter weather, it did arrive. 
It has been so beautiful as I have witnessed Mother Nature change from Old Man Winter into springtime in the Rockies. I would say springtime is so refreshing. A matter of fact, it's living the good life.
One morning as I was driving to Rockwell Charter High School with my daughter Candice, we both marveled at the rolling and stunning green foothills with the snow-capped mountains in the background. It was so beautiful and refreshing. It was just one of those moments when you get goose bumps all over just being in the moment.
That evening, I sat on my front porch and marveled at my neighbors Rodger and Hill's tulips. They were so beautiful. Then, about two weeks later, my wife Sandra's tulips bloomed. I was able to bask in the tulips for a whole month. There was beauty all around me. We as The Crossroads Journal patrons are so lucky to live in a place where there is an abundance of beauty. There is one bad thing about spring: it must come to an end. Soon those rolling green hills will be changing to June grass. Yes, that dark brown and red-colored grass. The hot summer winds will come. You might say, "We already have the wind all the time." This is very true.
Our journey is one continuous path in this life, goose bumps one moment and the ugly June grass prickling our legs the next moment. The message I want to convey is: let's enjoy the good life while we can. My dear mother, who passed away nearly six years ago, would always tell me, "Enjoy the moment," and then she would say, "Make the best of whatever moment you're having, my dear boy."
Good advice, Mom. I will enjoy the rest of spring and I will prepare myself for summer. In reality, summer isn't that bad. We live in a place where there are so many activities to keep us enjoying the good life.  
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