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Utah National Parks Council hosts service day at new scout camp

By Christy Jepson
The Utah National Parks Council will soon have 13 camps available for scouts, youth, community groups, church groups and families to enjoy. On January 20, the announcement was made that this new camp (not yet named) will be located in Eagle Mountain at the bottom of Pole Canyon, in between Fairfield and Cedar Fort.

Thanks to a generous donation, this 100-acre camp will include flat, open wooded areas that are ideal for large or small group camping. Some of the camp features will be: a Stake Activity Center, which is an enclosed pavilion perfect for any-size gathering with a fully-functional kitchen, a septic system and solar power. An outdoor amphitheater will also be built near the Stake Activity Center.

To help accommodate various groups and provide more camping options, there will be primitive campsites as well as five to ten portable cabins. The camp also has planned to build three shooting pavilions. For approved groups, there will be archery, rifle, and shotgun shooting available.

The new camp is set to host High Adventure activities, Activity Day groups, Cub Scout day camps, girl's camp, family reunions, youth conferences, and individual camping all year long.

If you want to help get involved, sign up to volunteer at the service day on April 14 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the camp. Youth, wards, stakes, scouting units, and families with children eight years age or older can help get the camp ready to open this summer. Some of the service projects will be building camp sites, rock removal, fencing, and laying water pipe. If your groups want to participate in this service project, you need to register online and then a scout official will assign you a project.

The Utah National Parks Council serves about 85,000 youth and 44,000 adults. The council stretches from Lehi to St. George and all across southern Utah. Groundbreaking for the camp is scheduled for April 18.

For more information visit and type in a search for "Camp X." To help at service day on April 14 or to schedule camping contact Nick Hutchinson:
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